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Maderoflex Colombiana | NEW Woodtherapy Flex 7 PCs Kit | Flexible Rollers

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Introducing the Maderotherapy Flex 7 Pcs Kit, an innovative solution for a range of aesthetic body treatments. This kit utilizes flexible wooden elements meticulously crafted to match the body’s anatomical contours, offering a transformative experience in body reduction, shaping, toning, lifting, and buttock contouring.

Included in this kit are 7 essential pieces:

  1. Flat Flex Roller: Ideal for initiating maderotherapy treatments, providing a gentle introduction to the technique.
  2. Striated Flex Roller: Designed for deeper tissue treatments, targeting specific areas effectively.
  3. Cubed Flex Roller: The most flexible of all rollers, perfect for toning and sculpting the body.
  4. Mini Swedish Cups (Duo): Worked with both hands simultaneously, these smaller cups allow for precise and effective treatment, especially in intricate areas.
  5. Boomerang Duo Boards: Utilized for concluding treatments with veno-lymphatic drainage, ensuring a comprehensive therapeutic session.

The Flex rollers feature an oscillatory motion, performing a percussive treatment, significantly reducing the manual effort required during sessions. Moreover, these tools can also be employed for relaxing massages, as they can be warmed using a thermal blanket, enhancing the overall therapeutic experience. Experience the future of body treatments with the Maderotherapy Flex 7 Pcs Kit.

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