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As a specialist you must prepare your work area for each section and patient, there are quite a few things to think about, first impressions count, your work area represents you as a professional and your client will make a judgment in the first few seconds and how professional you are when they meet you and your work area.
As a specialist in wood therapy you must inform patients of the possible contraindications of the procedure during the consultation, remember to fill out and sign the informed consent form where you clarify all doubts and ask the client all his medical history.
Wood therapy contouring is a trend to shape the body that does not go out of fashion and we must emphasize to our patients that it is a complementary treatment to shape the body molding and lose weight, but by itself is not enough, because it is important to change eating habits, do some physical activity or exercise.
What is metal therapy? are tools used to contour and sculpt the body and face, made of aluminum and other medical grade metals, these pieces are non-magnetic, non-fogging, corrosion resistant, hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause any reaction.
The wood therapy contouring consists of performing a series of body massages either to contour, sculpt, reduce or anti-cellulite among others, using different wooden utensils made of urapan, wood therapy tools come in different sizes and shapes to fit all areas of the body, additionally this massage is therapeutic as it gives a sense of relaxation. 
Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive aesthetic technique that allows various treatments such as anti-cellulite, buttock augmentation, localized fat, circulation, skin appearance. This technique is based on the application of suction in different areas of the body, where the vacuum is used to move the adipose tissue and then drain the fat into the lymphatic system.