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EMS & Colombian Vacuum System

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EMS & Colombian Vacuum System

This equipment combines two techniques that you will love. Electrostimulation and Colombian Vacuum therapy in a single device.

How does the EMS works?

When you perform any exercise, electrochemical signals are generated in the brain, these are conducted by the nerve network to the muscles as impulses causing them to contract and relax. In the EMS Russian Current System, a microcomputer generates impulses following a defined pattern that mimics brain signals and carries them to the muscles via electrodes that cause them to contract and relax.

The repetitive contraction and relaxation, causes the consumption of calories that will result in a decrease in caloric stores concentrated in fat, in turn, the muscles are toned and strengthened without voluntary intervention.

Vacuum Therapy Therapeutical Action

  • Improves blood circulation, drains adipocyte fat cells and process them through the lymphatic system. Improved results in body shaping treatments as well as buttocks firming and enhancement.
  • Provides nourishing and hydration of the skin promotes weight loss, increases muscle activity.
  • Speeds up the elimination of toxins.
  • Generates a major anti-stress effect.

This product includes:

  • Main Device (EMS & Vacuum)
  • Size L Vacuum Buttock Cups Set (2 cups)
  • “Y” Hose with 2 couplings and 1 filter
  • 20 Body electrodes
  • 10 Connector cables
  • Set of elastic bands



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