Wooden Mushroom Massager


Mushroom Massager with ergonomic design; provides a smooth and relaxing massage.

Ideal for anti-cellulite treatments, to reactivate circulation, combat cellulite, eliminate muscle spasms, flatten abdomen, and anti-stress massages.

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The Mushroom Massager can be used on any part of the body, its ergonomic design adapts easily, and provides a soft and relaxing massage.

To use it in an anti-cellulite treatment and to revive circulation, they are taken in both hands and circular massages are performed, making a small pressure, starting in the lower extremities.

Fights cellulite and eliminates the annoying orange effect, eliminates the discomfort of muscle spasms, helps to put the abdomen flat, and helps in performing magnificent anti-stress massages.

Increases the blood circulation, prompting it to work on the other organs of the human body.

The Massage Mushroom is ideal for gentle massages that allow you to reduce, tone and relax the area of ​​the sword, achieving a harmonious balance. It is also used in treatments of muscle spasms due to physical exercises or heavy lifting. It greatly influences the nervous system, freeing up the bone system and untying the intervertebral ligaments that are knotted with excess weight and forced activities.