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Anti-cellulite treatment with wood therapy

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For this treatment we will use the wooden tools the curved roller, mushroom, multifaceted table, cup with knuckle and two Swedish cups for the procedure, we will use anti-cellulite oil or the one of preference, we start by heating the area making manual movements, in different directions from the beginning of the leg to the beginning of the buttock for (10 min)

We will start with our first wooden tool the mushroom making circular movements for (6 min) in both areas to be treated, we continue with the curved roller with upward movements and with circular movements for (6 min). Now we are going to use the cup with knuckle with upward movements this tool helps to break the adipocytes for (5min)

Do you want to access our instructional video?
Do you want to access our instructional video?

We are going to use the two Swedish cups with upward movements (5 min) now we are going to use finally the multifaceted board with upward movements we drain (5 min)

To seal the treatment we use hot gel or anti-cellulite gel and wrap it with osmotic paper to make a detoxification of the body and the area helping to eliminate cellulite naturally.

This treatment should be done twice a week and should not last more than 40 min.

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