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Bacterial Filter Disk for Carboxy-Therapy CO2 Machine

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Consumable used to prevent the spread of contagious diseases, as a biosecurity and asepsis element, necessary in any treatment of carboxytherapy.


Product Detail

The bacteria filter disk can filter bacteria and viruses during the operation of sucking medical waste liquid. It can not only prevent the patient’s medical waste liquid from contaminating the suction device, but also prevent the patient from inhaling pathogenic microorganisms from the suction device, effectively avoid the occurrence of cross-infection, while reducing the loss of the suction device.

  • The shell is made of high-quality medical grade ABS plastic
  • Efficient ultrasonic fusion processing technology
  • Lightweight and excellent quality
  • Use high-efficiency low-resistance filter materials, the filtration efficiency for bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms is >99.9%
  • Good sealing, low resistance, to ensure that the function and accuracy of the vacuum regulator device are not affected
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