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Metal Therapy Refillable Swedish Cup Massagers | Cryotherapy ❄


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Introducing our groundbreaking product: the Swedish Metal Therapy Cup! Inspired by the renowned technique of maderotherapy, this innovative massage tool combines the benefits of metal therapy with a unique water-filling function, allowing for refreshing cold massages.

Designed to provide a superior massage experience, our Swedish Metal Therapy Cup is a must-have for both professionals and individuals seeking self-care. The water-filling feature sets it apart, allowing you to refrigerate the cup and maintain a prolonged cooling effect throughout your firming massage sessions.

Experience the ultimate rejuvenation as the chilled metal surface glides smoothly over your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. The cooling effect helps reduce inflammation, soothe muscles, and enhance the overall therapeutic experience. With our Swedish Metal Therapy Cup, you can indulge in the invigorating power of cold massage therapy.

Designed with comfort in mind, the cup is ergonomically crafted to fit perfectly in your hand. The water-filling function is easy to use, enabling you to maintain the desired temperature and ensure a consistent cold sensation during your massage. The cup’s smooth metal surface and strategically placed plastic handles offer a secure grip, minimizing any discomfort or strain on your hands.

Upgrade your massage routine with the Swedish Metal Therapy Cup and unlock a world of relaxation, firming, and wellness. Discover the transformative benefits of cold massage therapy and elevate your self-care rituals to new heights. Invest in the ultimate tool for achieving a refreshed and rejuvenated mind and body.



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