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EMS Heating Shoulder Neck Massager

3 Levels of temperature adjusment.

15 Levels of intensity adjustment. There us always a category that suits you.



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3 Levels of temperature adjusment.

15 Levels of intensity adjustment. There us always a category that suits you.



Cervical spondylosis should not be understimated
Neck cold / Long time desk work / Bow your head and play with your mobile phone, it os easy to cause neck stiffness / Soreness / Rattle, It can even cause dizziness, disc herniation and other problems.

TENS low frequency pulse technology, Deep phyusiotherapy is more comfortable
Use safe low-frequency pulse technology to conduct, Go deep to the bottom of the muscles to soothe the nerves, Give you healthy and comfortable neck.

3 Levels of temperature adjusment. Promote blood circulation. Double relaxation and comfort.
Hot compress is a commonly used massage technique
Cooperate with 42°C constant temperature hot compress
Can promote blood circulation
Relieve neck stiffness
Better massage effect
Three temperature options
Can be used in different seasons

15 Levels of intensity adjustment. There us always a category that suits you.
Simulate real massage intensity. Designed 15 levels of intensity adjustment.
1-5 Daily neck care
6-10 Soothes neck discomfort
11-15 Severe neck strain

Skin friendly material, lightweight and comfortable, wear it like a pendant. Let you have more comfortable wearing experience.

One charge for one week.
Adapt to the current mainstream Type-C charging cable. After fully charged, use for 30 minutes a day and last for a week

Power supply mode: charging
Control mode: Fixed on the button
Suitable location: the neck
Massage technique: the combination of 4 modes , massage / beating / scraping/combination mode
Working hours: working state 15mins automatically closed, no working state 3mins automatically closed
Features: TENS pulse pendant type screen display
Material: housing ABS PC + silicone electrode sheet 304 stainless steel
Strength gear: 15-gear massage intensity,from daily to severe,
Net body weight: 55g
Heating temperature: Low gear (38-39) Medium range (40-41) High grade (42-43)
Pulse width: 30~80 S
Color: Pearl white
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Rated input: DC / 5V
maximum power:5W
Static current: & lt; 100uA
Operating temperature: 5℃ – -50℃
Working humidity: the relative humidity is 95%
Standard: CE,ROHS,FCC
Quality grade: qualified products
Product Dimensions: 54 * 44 * 18mm
Package size: 190 * 140 * 42mm
Outer box size: 43.5 * 39.5 * 44cm
Net weight / gross weight: 55g / 235g
Box net weight: 16 kg
Bquantity: 60pcs
The 6.Nuvoton chip runs faster and has a more stable massage force.
The product adopts UV process, feel comfortable, massage and wear fit more comfortable.

1,.PI heating: 5S heating, third-gear temperature, constant temperature and hot compress (38-39) (40-41) (42-43)

2. Open the heating function and pulse discharge for 120 minutes

3. Multi-intensity switching: the 15-gear pulse strength is adjusted at will, applicable to different cervical spine problems, to meet the needs of different groups.
Five modes (1 combination mode 2 massage mode 3 tapping mode 4 scraping mode)
Level 1-5: Less intense / slight massage feeling
5-10: moderate / mild massage
10-15: greater intensity / high intensity massage feeling

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