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Metal Therapy Full Kit 7 Pieces (Body & Face) ❄


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ELEVATE YOURSELF AS A BODY SCULPTOR! Metal therapy improves the elimination of cellulite on legs, stomach fat, fibrosis. The ideal body sculpting metal kit you must-have in your spa or business, combined with wood therapy, will tone, reduce mold, and eliminate stored fat in different parts of your body. Metal Therapy can have more significant effects in naturally lifting your butt without having costly, painful, or invasive plastic surgery.

This Metal Therapy/Metal Terapia Starter Set Enables:

Metal therapy: No warping, no absorbing, extreme durability
Ideal for cold and cryo massage therapy
Metal material
Metal stimulate acupuncture points
It helps to eliminate toxins
Anti-cellulite effect
Extremely high-quality long-term use
Elevate yourself as a body sculptor.


Contouring Board
Swedish Cup
Mushroom Table
Cylinder Body Roller
Cubes Body Roller
Flat Facial Roller
Fluted Facial Roller

The Body rollers can be filled with water to be cooled in a refrigerator to keep it cold for a longer period of time in cryotherapy.



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